History lessons…

on African trade beads, that is.

This morning I had the best history class since Mrs. Cowart’s 11th grade American History class.  Instead of scribbling notes on the rise of monopolies and Prohibition in my college-ruled notebook, I got to sit amongst some glorious vintage world trade beads of Czech, Venetian and Dutch descent that were found and used for a variety of purposes across Africa.  Whether they signified status or worked as a monetary source, these strands made me drool.  A lot.

trade beads, collage, rue de la marguerite

(clockwise from top right) Vaseline green & blue beads, Dutch donut beads, Medicine beads, Hebron crumb beads

Luckily, I scored the Hebron crumb and Dutch donut strands…. Merry X-mas to me, compliments of Mr. Steve Ellis.  Wheee!


Rue de la Marguerite cat



Socializing avec Les Chatons Belle

Methinks they’re getting rather well-acquainted at La Maison…

as Charlotte thoroughly enjoys a good belly rub and chin scratch.  And Friskies.  Lots of Friskies.  C’mon folks, these lovely ladies need a cozy home and they’d love it if you’d take them together….  email leschats@ruedelamarguerite.com for details!

Beaucoup Apologies…

we’ve been a wee bit busy…..

rue de la marguerite, pocket watch, necklace

"Pocket Watch" $75.00, a hit at the show..

Fresh off our first ever festival show at La Encantada, we’ve been working our paws and opposable thumbs to the bone and it looks like it’s paying off!  Despite a rainy Sunday start, the weekend show went extremely well and the chats couldn’t be more pleased.

Pardon moi, however, as I must attend to kittens trying to add their two cents by walking on the laptop here.  Be back ce soir!

Boo & Charlie

These two little ladies have taken over…

My bathroom, that is.  As Lucy, the neighborhood mum cat, continues to remain elusive (and unfortunately too crafty for the numerous traps that have been set), I’m seemingly the lucky lass who gets to socialize two little ones from the last litter.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

lucy's kittens at Rue de la Marguerite sanctuary

Boo (left) and Charlie (right)

In a house already home to five feline boys, let’s just say it’s made the jewelry-making process and daily life that much more interesting.  Or exhausting.  Either way, these faces kinda make up for any moaning on my part, especially as they seem to be slowly grasping the concept that I am not an evil monster coming to eat them.  Rather, I am morphing into the gentle giant who perhaps likes to give one hug and cuddle too many for their current liking.  But progress is progress, and Boo – aptly named for her penchant for running amok before acquiescing to a good head scratch – and “Charlie”, short for Charlotte (my Septembre Vogue Pariswas still in said bathroom with Charlotte Casiraghi in full ‘Blue Steel’ mode on the cover) are slowly getting acquainted indoors.

lucy's kittens at Rue de la Marguerite

Licking her chops, preparing to attack the human photographer..

You know, I always wanted to run an animal sanctuary, I just didn’t realise it would happen while simultaneously starting my jewelry company.  Them’s the breaks, yo.

These gals will be up for adoption once they’re used to the human race, which should be – keep your paws crossed – in a couple weeks.  If you’re in the market for some super cute kitties, let me know!

miaow for now,

Rue de la Marguerite cat

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