Whoopsie…we’re back!

Do forgive, we caught a case of the Tucson Gem Show ‘goodies’ but we’re on the road to recovery & making lots of spectacular new designs!

We feel rather lucky that we’re based in the city which hosts one of the world’s renowned gem shows, however the pocket book always takes a slight dive during the two week spread of events.  Too many delicious baubles and unique picks to choose from but we managed to get out of the enticing vortex of goodness in time to feed the pusses back at la maison!

Here’s a smattering of new designs that’ll be up and available within the next two weeks:

Gem Embellished Typewriter Watch Key necklace

Round Open Watch Face Sterling Post earrings

Vintage Encased Watch Face w/ Pocket Watch Key necklace

Moveable Watch Face w/ Ruby ring

Typewriter Parts Mash Up bracelet

We’ll let that set in for now and get back to the work bench so these delights can get online ASAP.  Let us know if you like what you see!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace


One response

  1. Hello – I met you at the Holiday Bazaar this past Christmas at the Mercado San Augustin and I told you at that time that I had a friend from high school who owns one of the largest watch repair companies in the country and that I could try to hook you up with her in case she (they) had watch/clock parts sitting around that you might be interested in procuring. I am finally delivering on that: here is her response to my query:” I am sure we can provide extra watch parts, but I doubt they would be considered vintage. You can give her my email and she can let me know what she’s looking for. Actually, the topic of discussion just recently in our office was how beautiful watch parts really can be. We need some artwork for the walls and we were hoping to find something of that nature. No luck yet. Anyway, give her my email and I’ll see what I can provide to her.” Here is their company website – you might put something like “For Diedre Young” in the subject line and mention my name. Good luck !


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