Lovin’ FAB.COM!!!

rue de la marguerite

Still half the week left!

Just 3 days in and we’re absolutely stoked about our sale so far!  Be sure to hop on Fab.com, create an account if you don’t have one already (they’re free!) and take advantage of this kickass sale!   

REMEMBER :  10% of proceeds goes to animal rescues!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace


Let’s hear it for the ‘manimals’!

Drop by and visit us at the Arizona Animal Fair!

This weekend we’ll be setting up a small display next to Pawsitively Cats at the 2012 Arizona Animal Fair at Reid Park and we’d love to see you!   We’ll be conveniently located near the Food Court in the Super Adoptions Area at booth 48/49.

ALL PROCEEDS will benefit the 300+ kitties at Pawsitively Cats so definitely come by, pick up an r.d.l.m. goodie or two (or ten?) and head home knowing you’ve made a difference for the awesome felines in need!!!

2012 Arizona Animal Fair

10Am – 4PM

Reid Park, Tucson, AZ


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