Happy UPCYCLED Easter!

happy upcycled easter from rdlmAnd chocolate bunny feasting!


2013, oooooooooh la la!

It’s started off with a FAB.com-ulous bang! 

Do forgive our long-ish delay in posting, but we’ve been superbly busy fulfilling orders from our most recent Fab.com sale this month – in fact, we sold out roughly 50% of all offerings!!!  That said, we’re now back to our scheduled postings and will be showcasing weekly items and special offers so be sure to follow us!  And remember, sharing is caring….so feel free to spread the Rue de la Marguerite blog love with others!

miaow for now,


Oliver’s Gift Guide ~ Holiday 2012

oliver rue de la marguerite picks

It’s the holidays, and Oliver has been ‘meowing at the bit’ to proffer his very own gift guide for this holiday season.  So, we’re proud to unveil his picks for 2012 and hope they inspire, motivate and overall please everyone on your list this year.  And please remember to shop well, as 10% of our holiday sales will be donated to the ASPCA’s Hurricane Sandy efforts as they continue to help those furry ones in need.

  1. 2 > 1 “…    Oliver may be a cat, but he’s a very smart cat and knows that his happiness, in part, is dependent on keeping Molly, the sole female in the house and deliverer of cat chow, pleased.  Fellas, the same goes for the special ladies in your life.  So treat her to something uniquely spectacular this year, like a lovely Vintage Watch Key Necklace & Earrings Set, because two is always better than one.
  2. Make it personal “…    Ollie often feels that everything in life should revolve around him.  And only him.  But over time, he’s learned to accept that there are other felines in the house and thus, must share Molly’s attention with others.  Yet the cat has a point when it comes to gifting, that point being that personalized items are often far more meaningful and make the giftee’s day that much more special.  So pick up a few money clips for the hunks in your life this holiday season, personalizing them by choosing the country of choice for the male in mind.  They’ll dig ’em, Oliver promises!
  3. Be not confused, a card works just as well “…    Sometimes it’s hard to know what to get for that one relative, in-law, co-worker or friend.  Oliver has that same indecision when it comes to figuring out which napping perch in which to take his afternoon siesta.  So he understands the frustration of shopping for such people, so he recommends a delectable gift card for those ‘hard to buy for’ souls.  Just contact Oliver’s human, Molly, and you can quickly knock this off your holiday list!
Oliver. He likes to pose.

Oliver. He likes to pose.

Be sure to check out all the Holiday 2012 Collection items and please, shop well, so we can donate even more to ASPCA’s Hurricane Sandy efforts!  May your holidays be warm, merry and full of furry love.


santa cat rdlm

Rockin’ show at La Encantada!

We felt super cool this past weekend at the Fine Art Festival at La Encantada in Tucson, as we were met with our first set of repeat customers from a year ago to date, PLUS a slew of brand new fans and compliments that have us still blushing with appreciation.  We’re also pumped about our new online store, renovated with vast improvements from design to navigation to product catalog.  Stay tuned for our Holiday Sales beginning NEXT WEEK! 

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T’was a warm one…

But we made it through this past weekend’s St. Philip’s Arts in the Plaza festival!  A big thank you to all our new customers, friends and especially those few kind souls who helped us put up’n’ take down our lovely booth.  A big round of paw applause to you!


Fall is en route…

and so is our new fancypants online store…

Oh oui, you heard us right.  We’re renovating the online store to create a way cooler experience for our r.d.l.m. customers!  What does this include, you sweet ones ask?  For one, we’ve chosen a brand-new and super secure shopping platform through Magento, a visually streamlined appearance with superior shopping navigation AND a greatly expanded selection of both men’s and women’s products. 

But lest you fear we’re losing our trademark feline influence, the esteemed design team here at r.d.l.m. have put their paws down, demanding their customary biography page AND the freedom to pounce around the online store in their own, distinctive ways.  Be on the lookout for their well-defined presence, as they could very well be signs of sales!

Before we sign off this week, we must take a good long minute to remember our sweet, sweet Trapper who passed away before the Labor Day weekend.  With heavy hearts and tails, we say goodbye to one of the greatest cats to ever roam the earth.  Here’s to you, Trapperkins, we love you so.

Trapper Condit, the coolest puss of all.

till next week, miaowy hugs to all,

Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Lucy & MacDaddy

Once upon a time, there was a light gray tabby and her badass babydaddy…

That totally rhymes.  Maybe this should be in haiku-form.  Scratch that, I’m not that talented.  So it’s been sixteen months, five litters and 14 kittens since I first met this feline couple.  Talk about excellent fertility and virility.  Seriously.  Now while they made stunning children, it was clear to us feline-minded folks in my townhouse complex that measures had to be taken to bring an end to their baby-making.

The supermodel of cats: Lucy.

Plenty of fruitless efforts to catch the sweet mum (pictured right) generated a bit of pessimism regarding the odds of a trapping victory, but a few weeks post-litter no. 5, enduring some gnarly yowls and claw swipes, my fellow cat wrangling comrade Terry and I managed the seemingly impossible:  we caught Lucy.  Her studly hubby, the aptly named MacDaddy, was also picked up ‘n’ fixed up.  After spending a few nights indoors recuperating in my bedroom (yes, in a crate with food, agua and litter box), they were back out roaming their townhouse domain with great pride.

Now, the coolest thing about these two awesome ‘hood pusses, is that even after this understandably dramatic change in their natural selves, they still hang together.  Like two peas in a pod.  And it’s ridiculously cute.

It’s like Lady & the Tramp….without the pasta.

Check out the sweet two-some noshing at the cafe *cough neighbors’ across the street.  Yes, I just used the word noshing. Perhaps it’s time to stop reading the gossip mags during checkout at Safeway.

Anyhoos, keep your eyes, ears and tails out for updates on this fine feline couple…and remember to give the stray kitties in your ‘hood a second chance at a healthier life.  They’re worth every scuffle.  Trust.


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Olympics Craze Makes for Inspired Designs…

Ah oui, another four lovely years brought the world to London,

and brought our sweet human and feline derrières to the couch since the opening ceremonies last Sunday evening.  Alas, we have no gold medals to show for our temporary TV-watching obsession, but we do have these new darlings…..

“Vintage Watch Dial Necklace”. Our take on the Olympic rings.


“Pyrite is the New Gold Necklace”. With sterling silver gemstone cabochon connector, “OM” charm and vintage watch part.


“Pocketwatch Key Necklace on Faux Suede”.  Adjustable slipknot w/ vintage English textile button.

We think these are pretty nifty, and they’ll be up on our fancy, renovated online store come September 1st.  So mark your calendars, we ain’t kiddin’!


p.s.- our name may be French, but we’re still Team USA 😀


Let’s hear it for the ‘manimals’!

Drop by and visit us at the Arizona Animal Fair!

This weekend we’ll be setting up a small display next to Pawsitively Cats at the 2012 Arizona Animal Fair at Reid Park and we’d love to see you!   We’ll be conveniently located near the Food Court in the Super Adoptions Area at booth 48/49.

ALL PROCEEDS will benefit the 300+ kitties at Pawsitively Cats so definitely come by, pick up an r.d.l.m. goodie or two (or ten?) and head home knowing you’ve made a difference for the awesome felines in need!!!

2012 Arizona Animal Fair

10Am – 4PM

Reid Park, Tucson, AZ


Quoi? Another year?

Welcome to 2012 mes amis, let’s hope those Mayans got it all wrong….

It’s a brand, spanking new year and the r.d.l.m. team couldn’t be more excited.  With excited tails of various lengths wagging, the passel of designers at la maison have their noses and paws to the grindstone this month as we prepare for upcoming February shows, spring/summer collections and special events.  Oh, and one other thing….  Let us introduce you to our new four-legged member of the team:

roger, rue de la marguerite designer

Roger "Dodger", cruising the patio garden for ideas.

This little gray fox kitten is giving the older boys a run for their catnip, so expect some innovative, youthful twists in the spring/summer collections.  Let’s hear it for Roger!!!

miaow for now,

Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

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