UniqueLA Spring Show 2013

UniqueLA Spring Show 2013

We are super excited to be accepted into the 5th annual Unique LA Spring Show!  Details to follow, for now, we’re running off to celebrate with paws and thumbs in air!


The month of March approaches…

And we have LOTS to announce! 

A lil' sneak preview of what's in store this spring...

A lil’ sneak preview of what’s in store this spring…

BUT, we have a local art festival this weekend to kick-start this awesome (birthday!) month, SO details will surely follow after we’ve packed up the last of our canopy and booth Sunday afternoon.  So please, hold tight for plenty of amazing new items from our Spring Collection 2013 PLUS more scoop on our summer plans!

miaow till Mon 3/4!



2013, oooooooooh la la!

It’s started off with a FAB.com-ulous bang! 

Do forgive our long-ish delay in posting, but we’ve been superbly busy fulfilling orders from our most recent Fab.com sale this month – in fact, we sold out roughly 50% of all offerings!!!  That said, we’re now back to our scheduled postings and will be showcasing weekly items and special offers so be sure to follow us!  And remember, sharing is caring….so feel free to spread the Rue de la Marguerite blog love with others!

miaow for now,


‘Tis tricks, treats & typewriters galore on All Hallows Eve

Luckily for us, we didn’t have to play any tricks at the antique mall today, or dress up for that matter, scoring some seriously awesome treats just by taking the time to peruse a bit.  Three (3!) typewriters of different make and year, all in the same stretch of booths, came back to la maison and we plan on having our own costume/dis-assembly party ce soir!

New holiday designs are en route – stay tuned!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Lovin’ FAB.COM!!!

rue de la marguerite

Still half the week left!

Just 3 days in and we’re absolutely stoked about our sale so far!  Be sure to hop on Fab.com, create an account if you don’t have one already (they’re free!) and take advantage of this kickass sale!   

REMEMBER :  10% of proceeds goes to animal rescues!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Whoopsie…we’re back!

Do forgive, we caught a case of the Tucson Gem Show ‘goodies’ but we’re on the road to recovery & making lots of spectacular new designs!

We feel rather lucky that we’re based in the city which hosts one of the world’s renowned gem shows, however the pocket book always takes a slight dive during the two week spread of events.  Too many delicious baubles and unique picks to choose from but we managed to get out of the enticing vortex of goodness in time to feed the pusses back at la maison!

Here’s a smattering of new designs that’ll be up and available within the next two weeks:

Gem Embellished Typewriter Watch Key necklace

Round Open Watch Face Sterling Post earrings

Vintage Encased Watch Face w/ Pocket Watch Key necklace

Moveable Watch Face w/ Ruby ring

Typewriter Parts Mash Up bracelet

We’ll let that set in for now and get back to the work bench so these delights can get online ASAP.  Let us know if you like what you see!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Ring for your thoughts?

We’ve got just the ones you need…..

You know, the kind that stand out and make your hands giddy with girlish excitement. 

Check. It. Out.

rue de la marguerite watch ring
Gem-embellished vintage watch ring.
Adjustable, silver plated brass shank.
rue de la marguerite vintage watch ring
Vintage watch ring w/ gemstones, $90.00
lucien piccard watch ring
Lucien Piccard movement with moving center piece. I’d love a thousand more of these!
Don’t mind me, I’ll just wear them all at once.
adjustable vintage watch ring
Surprisingly lightweight, these vintage watch rings are just spectacular. Coming very, very soon to the online store.

We’re working hard to get these goodies up on the online store pronto, PLUS Sterling silver post watch face earrings to boot!  Hang in there a few more days while we finish up the batch and get ’em loaded on r.d.l.m.!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace


We made it to the end!

of the holiday show season, that is…

Despite the long hours of preparation and endless amounts of coffee (venti non-fat no-whip mochas to be exact) the December shows were a huge success.  We’d love to thank all our new fans and those who made the trek to our outings, especially this past weekend’s rainy holiday bazaar at Mercado.   Check out some of the action below!

mercado holiday bazaar table shot 1

Prime spot next to the Christmas tree at Mercado

Mercado holiday bazaar table shot 2

Warm and cozy at the R.d.l.M. table at Mercado

mercado holiday bazaar happy customer

A very happy customer rockin' new oval open face watch earrings at Mercado!

c'est la vie trunk show 1

Delectable one-of-a-kind items at C'est La Vie trunk show (11 Dec)

eiffel tower display at c'est la vie trunk show

Eiffel tower of R.d.l.M. at C'est La Vie trunk show (11 Dec)

C'est La Vie trunk show wide shot

The purrfect French boutique for a R.d.l.M. show! At C'est La Vie Vintage Boutique (11 Dec)

It was a splendid month of shows and we’re gearing up for the new year with big plans and many, many more events!   So, as always, keep your ears, eyes and paws at the ready!  Stay tuned….

miaowy Holidays,

At last, vintage typewriter keys!

Yesterday I hit the jackpot.  I mean JACKPOT.  And it only took five pit-stops to do so….

1930's Royal Typewriter, a.k.a. the jackpot

The perpetual hunt for watch parts takes me all around this little desert town, so this was clearly a wondrous end to yet another long, traffic jam’d treasure quest.Wouldn’t you know it, but a vintage 1930’s Royal typewriter in stellar condition was waiting for me at Casa de los Niños, and five minutes later, I happily pranced out of the store with it.

The magical thing about this find – besides the fact that it was still in working condition after 80+ years – is that I’ve been looking for antique typewriter keys for months.  Months.  Soooo, taking a hammer, wrench, pliers and other assorted mechanical tools, I went to town.  And looky what I got….

delicious antique typerwriter keys...

Part of me was torn about removing ’em all because it was REALLY cool to type with, that part being the 14 year old Moulin Rouge obsessed tween who wanted to doll up in Victorian clothes with Ewan McGregor and sing Bowie songs back and forth to each other to Baz Luhrmann’s direction.

Alas, I make jewelry.  So they had to come off. The back ache is worth it.

These sweet pieces shall be infused into an upcoming holiday line verrrryyyyy soon.  Keep your eyes, ears and paws at the ready.



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