An Afternoon of Silver Tea Trays…

In preparation for our upcoming LA jaunt, we’ve been scouring local thrift and antique shops for goodies we can use for our booth display.  These silver plated trays were a spectacular find this afternoon, despite requiring some hours’ worth of polishing with silver cleaning pads!  The results?  A much improved shine….

polishing silver tea traywith some very dirty hands…

polishing silver tea trayBack to the polish grind in the AM and we’ll have the finished products ready for their reveal later this week!





Ring for your thoughts?

We’ve got just the ones you need…..

You know, the kind that stand out and make your hands giddy with girlish excitement. 

Check. It. Out.

rue de la marguerite watch ring
Gem-embellished vintage watch ring.
Adjustable, silver plated brass shank.
rue de la marguerite vintage watch ring
Vintage watch ring w/ gemstones, $90.00
lucien piccard watch ring
Lucien Piccard movement with moving center piece. I’d love a thousand more of these!
Don’t mind me, I’ll just wear them all at once.
adjustable vintage watch ring
Surprisingly lightweight, these vintage watch rings are just spectacular. Coming very, very soon to the online store.

We’re working hard to get these goodies up on the online store pronto, PLUS Sterling silver post watch face earrings to boot!  Hang in there a few more days while we finish up the batch and get ’em loaded on r.d.l.m.!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace


r.d.l.m. pour les hommes….

So we’ve taken the memo “do you have stuff for guys?” seriously….

In 2012, we’re excited to announce the development of our men’s accessories line at the behest of many a happy r.d.l.m. women’s customer.  Here’s a sneak peek at some delectable new items for the opposite sex:


cufflinks, anyone?

men's accessories, rue de la marguerite

Custom design for our dear friend Vish K., in NYC

We’re also on the road to expanding our women’s lines to include awesome open face watch rings, gemstone embellished watch designs and hand-wrapped bracelets, so hang tight and we’ll have ’em out soon!!!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Gearing up with Vintage Typewriter Keys & Watch Parts…

…Namely for this Sunday’s sure to be delectable trunk show at C’est La Vie

After a long day of putting finishing touches on new items, editing photos and scribbling up enticing product descriptions, I’ve finally managed to crack open the delicious Blue Moon that’s been staring me in the face for the last few hours.  With all the upcoming festivities, it’s been a rather exhausting preparation week but worth every ache and pain.  The new 1930s Royal typewriter keys limited edition collection is Rue de la Marguerite steam-punk style perfection, here’s a teeny taste of what’s coming up on the online store:

vintage steampunk typewriter key jewellery

“27” necklace, $120.00 - Oxidized Sterling silver circular chain, repurposed watch bands, vintage Gruen watch face with 10k rolled gold plate bezel & stainless steel backing, 1930s Royal typewriter keys (no. 2 & no. 7), Sterling silver findings. Approx. length 40”.

dutch world trade beads antique typewriter keys jewellery

“Dutch No. 5” necklace, $265.00 - Dutch donut world trade beads have been intricately woven on nickel-free bead chain through silver plate chain, complimenting the 1930s Royal typewriter key (no. 5) as the focal piece. Sterling silver findings. Approx. length - 30” – claspless.

vintage watch part steampunk Bulova jewellery

“$4” necklace, $139.00 - Antique brass Figaro chain, rose engraved silver plated spacers, industrial washers, vintage Bulova watch face with 10k rolled gold plate bezel & stainless steel backing, 1930s Royal typewriter key (no. 4), Girard-Terregaux & Co. watch part, Sterling silver findings & cat charm.

antique typewriter key jewellery steampunk style

“Marginal Commands (3)” $135.00 - Antique brass & copper curved-link chains let dangle 1930s Royal typewriter keys from oxidized Sterling silver findings. Approx. length - 30” – claspless. • These may be purchased as separate pieces at $55.00 each.

Okay, that’s all you lovelies get for now.  They should be up on the online storefront by tomorrow evening, so as per usual, keep your eyes, ears and paws at the ready.


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Boo & Charlie

These two little ladies have taken over…

My bathroom, that is.  As Lucy, the neighborhood mum cat, continues to remain elusive (and unfortunately too crafty for the numerous traps that have been set), I’m seemingly the lucky lass who gets to socialize two little ones from the last litter.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.

lucy's kittens at Rue de la Marguerite sanctuary

Boo (left) and Charlie (right)

In a house already home to five feline boys, let’s just say it’s made the jewelry-making process and daily life that much more interesting.  Or exhausting.  Either way, these faces kinda make up for any moaning on my part, especially as they seem to be slowly grasping the concept that I am not an evil monster coming to eat them.  Rather, I am morphing into the gentle giant who perhaps likes to give one hug and cuddle too many for their current liking.  But progress is progress, and Boo – aptly named for her penchant for running amok before acquiescing to a good head scratch – and “Charlie”, short for Charlotte (my Septembre Vogue Pariswas still in said bathroom with Charlotte Casiraghi in full ‘Blue Steel’ mode on the cover) are slowly getting acquainted indoors.

lucy's kittens at Rue de la Marguerite

Licking her chops, preparing to attack the human photographer..

You know, I always wanted to run an animal sanctuary, I just didn’t realise it would happen while simultaneously starting my jewelry company.  Them’s the breaks, yo.

These gals will be up for adoption once they’re used to the human race, which should be – keep your paws crossed – in a couple weeks.  If you’re in the market for some super cute kitties, let me know!

miaow for now,

Rue de la Marguerite cat

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