Les Chats


Oliver likes to throw his weight around, and boy, he has a lot of it. While roaming the dangerous streets of Harlem in his first years, he managed to find his way into Manhattan Animal Control’s hands and into young jewelry designer Molly’s heart. Impetuous at times and extremely busy for a puss, “Ollie” is one-of-a-kind. In truth, he’s just a marshmallow inside who loves to play with straws and have his back scratched.


Unfortunately the most accident-prone, Harry got himself into quite a pickle after a fall from a 3-story apartment building in Philadelphia, landing himself in the UPennVet emergency room with a nearly severed front leg. But as fate would have it, RDLM founder Molly’s volunteer shift had just begun and within seconds, he was given a second chance at life with her. Two weeks and a large vet bill later, he came home to maison de RDLM. Sporting his patched up arm and fashionable bobtail around town, Harry’s a real stud, but is a champion snuggler when no one’s looking.

As a slightly older puss, “Max” frowns upon loud noises and impetuous younger brothers who enjoy stalking and interrupting a nice nap a bit too much. Yet his refined gentlemanly nature keeps him tolerant, kind and composed…most of the time. With a gorgeous fur coat and leopard-esque features, his days modeling the runways in a NJ PetSmart were undoubtedly spectacular, but he soon wanted out of that life and as chance would have it, he quickly strutted into Molly’s heart and home. His love for elegant sophisticated pieces and worldly materials is homage to his French design idol: Coco Chanel.


Poco Rosquillo
The gorgeous grey Nebelung felion came to work at the la maison in the spring of 2011. Having been relinquished to the vet clinic nearby due to his unfortunate contraction of diabetes, he was far too special to stay housed up in a cage. After a few weeks of adjustment to life as a free puss in his new loving home, Poco has come into his own and enjoys telling everyone just that in his trademark vocal ways.

This sweet foxy kitten came to la maison in October 2011, having endeared himself to Molly while recovering from a serious case of upper respiratory infection. Roger was a mere pipsqueak at 2 months and the fate of his badly infected left eye remained undecided for quite some time. Luckily, he made a full recovery and did not become the one-eyed pirate puss as expected. With a gorgeous plume of a tail and fluffy ‘pantalones’, Roger has blossomed into a handsome Nebelung felion himself and has become a marvelous addition to the RDLM team.

The latest lil’ guy to come along, Louie was the last kitten standing out of the 5 litters born to neighborhood feral momma cat Lucy.  As the sole tuxedo boy in the house, Louie has made miraculous progress from fearful baby to confident and snuggly pre-teen, with much credit to sweet Trapper who proved to be the best warm, friendly and tolerant nap buddy.  His uncles, Oliver and Harry, have taken him under paw and wing and he enjoys bounding around his home, chasing and wrestling his brother Roger.  He’s brought much delight and many laughs to the maison workroom.


Lucinda “LuLu”
The first little lady to enter la maison, Lucinda found her way via a slew of unsuccessful PetCo Adoption Day events where her shy nature kept her cuddled up and her gorgeous Tortie looks a secret.  Fortunately, she came out of her shell in la maison in a matter of hours, playfully pouncing on her passel of new boyfriends.  As “LuLu” would say, it’s time for another lady to put her touch on RDLM design!

Trapperkins20112010Trapper    (1992-2012)
With the sweetest disposition ever found in a feline, Trapper was simply the coolest codger around. Trapper caught Molly’s eye on the very first day of volunteering at the Liberty Humane Society cattery in Jersey City in 2009, sweetly mewing his welcome and reaching through the cage to shake paws. As the perpetual senior among the 56 cats in residence, he was also the wise mediator, often ambling in between scuffles, his sage presence enough to create peace and quiet for his afternoon siestas in the plush cat beds. Two months later, he got a well deserved ‘forever’ home at la maison, where he lived out his twilight years in great comfort.  He was one of the greatest cats to have roamed the earth.  Much love to our Trapperkins.

Sluggo    (2001-2012)
Possessing the most beautiful green eyes of all, “Slug to the Bug” came to la maison along with his clinic brother Poco, having spent a year and a half too long there for the same, unfortunate reason. But joining the collaborative RDLM design team gave him a new lease on life, as he soon relaxed into a cage-free haven.  Although he was with us for just over a year, he was an essential and very loved part of our home.  We dearly miss his beautiful and loving green eyes, the gentle paw nudgings and nightly spooning sessions.  Love you always, Slugbug.



Bennie    (1998-2011)
Bennie stood out from the crowd…of felines in the house, that is. But it wasn’t because he was the lone white-haired puss, it was that his quirky personality and love for tub water was simply unparalleled. He was Sluggo and Poco’s diabetic predecessor, and spent nearly two years as a Strickland Veterinary puss-in-residence before coming to inhabit and enhance our warm maison. With an unusual meow and a penchant for turning his dashing white coat into a much darker hue in the backyard garden, Bennie was the epitome of what it means to be a unique soul. He passed away early February 2011, but he is held near and dear to our hearts each and every day.  Here’s to you Mr. Bennigans.

Mikie    (1990-2009)
“Mikie Cat” was the special puss that I was lucky enough to have by my side growing up. My 6-year-old life was forever changed when Mikie came to my family as a sweet, newly orphaned kitten, born on a farm close to our home. From helping coordinate Barbie themed birthday parties, walking me to school in 6th grade, consoling me after my father’s passing at 16, and sending me off into young adulthood in New York City, he was always there, inspiring not only my long-standing love affair with felines, but an understanding of real love. I am so fortunate I was able to spend 19 years with him. He was the best, best friend a girl could ever have.    
                                           – Molly, founder Rue de la Marguerite


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