T’was a warm one…

But we made it through this past weekend’s St. Philip’s Arts in the Plaza festival!  A big thank you to all our new customers, friends and especially those few kind souls who helped us put up’n’ take down our lovely booth.  A big round of paw applause to you!



r.d.l.m. Shows for Fall 2012!

Oh hey there, fancy seein’ us in person this fall?

Well you can!  Here’s our tentative Fall 2012 show schedule for all our fellow Arizonans:

St. Philip’s Art in the Plaza Festival
Oct 20 & 21, 2012
Saturday & Sunday 9am-4pm
St. Philip’s Plaza • SE Corner of River & Campbell Avenue • Tucson, AZ

La Encantada Fine Art Festival
Nov 10 & 11, 2012
Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm
2905 E. Skyline Drive
NW Corner of Campbell Ave & Skyline in the Tucson Foothills

5th Annual Mercado Holiday Bazaar
Friday, Dec 14 – Sunday, Dec 16, 2012
Open 11am to 6pm daily
100 S. Avenida Del Convento • Tucson, AZ


Greetings from LA, plus our Nina Designs Blog Partnership!

Bonjour nos amis, from the city of angels and more….

This week we’re frolicking around Los Angeles and enjoying the west coast surf, sun and jewelry fun. As we visit our favorite shops, we’ll also be spreading the r.d.l.m. love to local boutiques and, cross your fingers and paws, hopefully lots of them!  Wish us luck and catch us up on our return to the southwest Arizona desert next week!

AND, a little something extra to feast your eyes on….

Below are the wondrous creations we put together utilizing some splendid pieces from Nina Designs!  We’re big fans of the findings as well as the silk threads, and were excited to be partner up with their blog to showcase some goodies!   We’d love to know which ones YOU like best, so comment away!

From left: VNT2232 · Natural Bronze Earring Finding, VNS2721 · Natural Bronze Small Bubble Link, VNS2526 · Natural Bronze Lotus Marquis Pendant.


SILKA · Thin Silk Cord for Jewelry, in aqua, works great interwoven with brass chain. We’re still working on this design, but we like where it’s heading!


and we saved the best, for last….

An r.d.l.m. exclusive. Authentic Thai Buddhist amulet pendant, VNS2695 · Natural Bronze Infinity Link, and VNMS100 · Natural Bronze Small Majapahit Spacer beads.


All in all, amazing pieces to work with that were easily incorporated into r.d.l.m. designs which will soon be available in the new online store, coming 10/1!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Fall is en route…

and so is our new fancypants online store…

Oh oui, you heard us right.  We’re renovating the online store to create a way cooler experience for our r.d.l.m. customers!  What does this include, you sweet ones ask?  For one, we’ve chosen a brand-new and super secure shopping platform through Magento, a visually streamlined appearance with superior shopping navigation AND a greatly expanded selection of both men’s and women’s products. 

But lest you fear we’re losing our trademark feline influence, the esteemed design team here at r.d.l.m. have put their paws down, demanding their customary biography page AND the freedom to pounce around the online store in their own, distinctive ways.  Be on the lookout for their well-defined presence, as they could very well be signs of sales!

Before we sign off this week, we must take a good long minute to remember our sweet, sweet Trapper who passed away before the Labor Day weekend.  With heavy hearts and tails, we say goodbye to one of the greatest cats to ever roam the earth.  Here’s to you, Trapperkins, we love you so.

Trapper Condit, the coolest puss of all.

till next week, miaowy hugs to all,

Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Lucy & MacDaddy

Once upon a time, there was a light gray tabby and her badass babydaddy…

That totally rhymes.  Maybe this should be in haiku-form.  Scratch that, I’m not that talented.  So it’s been sixteen months, five litters and 14 kittens since I first met this feline couple.  Talk about excellent fertility and virility.  Seriously.  Now while they made stunning children, it was clear to us feline-minded folks in my townhouse complex that measures had to be taken to bring an end to their baby-making.

The supermodel of cats: Lucy.

Plenty of fruitless efforts to catch the sweet mum (pictured right) generated a bit of pessimism regarding the odds of a trapping victory, but a few weeks post-litter no. 5, enduring some gnarly yowls and claw swipes, my fellow cat wrangling comrade Terry and I managed the seemingly impossible:  we caught Lucy.  Her studly hubby, the aptly named MacDaddy, was also picked up ‘n’ fixed up.  After spending a few nights indoors recuperating in my bedroom (yes, in a crate with food, agua and litter box), they were back out roaming their townhouse domain with great pride.

Now, the coolest thing about these two awesome ‘hood pusses, is that even after this understandably dramatic change in their natural selves, they still hang together.  Like two peas in a pod.  And it’s ridiculously cute.

It’s like Lady & the Tramp….without the pasta.

Check out the sweet two-some noshing at the cafe *cough neighbors’ across the street.  Yes, I just used the word noshing. Perhaps it’s time to stop reading the gossip mags during checkout at Safeway.

Anyhoos, keep your eyes, ears and tails out for updates on this fine feline couple…and remember to give the stray kitties in your ‘hood a second chance at a healthier life.  They’re worth every scuffle.  Trust.


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Olympics Craze Makes for Inspired Designs…

Ah oui, another four lovely years brought the world to London,

and brought our sweet human and feline derrières to the couch since the opening ceremonies last Sunday evening.  Alas, we have no gold medals to show for our temporary TV-watching obsession, but we do have these new darlings…..

“Vintage Watch Dial Necklace”. Our take on the Olympic rings.


“Pyrite is the New Gold Necklace”. With sterling silver gemstone cabochon connector, “OM” charm and vintage watch part.


“Pocketwatch Key Necklace on Faux Suede”.  Adjustable slipknot w/ vintage English textile button.

We think these are pretty nifty, and they’ll be up on our fancy, renovated online store come September 1st.  So mark your calendars, we ain’t kiddin’!


p.s.- our name may be French, but we’re still Team USA 😀


Caffeinated & rrrrready to rumble. Or meow.

Greetings sweet kiddies!

Alright. We’ve been in and out, and in and out, and in and…well, you get the picture.  And our summer resolution is to get off our sporadic-posting derrières and get with the blogging programme!  Merci for venti iced mochas aussi…

That said, we’ll be delivering news, humorous stories and all the sneak previews/sales/goodies straight to this site ALL SUMMER LONG.  And hey, maybe we’ll get so motivated that we’ll continue to do it, gasp, all the time!  Baby steps…

So, for now, feast your eyes on some delicious new items now up on the online store!


Rue de la Marguerite cat with watch necklace

Nous sommes désolés …

A necessary short-term hiatus has kept us away for a good bit of time, and sadly, not for happy reasons.  We lost our sweet Sluggo “Slugbug” a few weeks ago to an abrupt but fatal clot that left him paralyzed in his hind legs.  Although he was only at la maison for just over a year, he was an essential and very loved part of our home.  I, for one, will dearly miss his beautiful and loving green eyes, the gentle paw nudgings and nightly spooning sessions.  Love you always, Slugbug.

Alas, picking up our sad soles, we’ll be back in action starting this week.  Look for the latest updates and news coming shortly….



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