At last, vintage typewriter keys!

Yesterday I hit the jackpot.  I mean JACKPOT.  And it only took five pit-stops to do so….

1930's Royal Typewriter, a.k.a. the jackpot

The perpetual hunt for watch parts takes me all around this little desert town, so this was clearly a wondrous end to yet another long, traffic jam’d treasure quest.Wouldn’t you know it, but a vintage 1930’s Royal typewriter in stellar condition was waiting for me at Casa de los Niños, and five minutes later, I happily pranced out of the store with it.

The magical thing about this find – besides the fact that it was still in working condition after 80+ years – is that I’ve been looking for antique typewriter keys for months.  Months.  Soooo, taking a hammer, wrench, pliers and other assorted mechanical tools, I went to town.  And looky what I got….

delicious antique typerwriter keys...

Part of me was torn about removing ’em all because it was REALLY cool to type with, that part being the 14 year old Moulin Rouge obsessed tween who wanted to doll up in Victorian clothes with Ewan McGregor and sing Bowie songs back and forth to each other to Baz Luhrmann’s direction.

Alas, I make jewelry.  So they had to come off. The back ache is worth it.

These sweet pieces shall be infused into an upcoming holiday line verrrryyyyy soon.  Keep your eyes, ears and paws at the ready.



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